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At Finchley Catholic High School, we place a strong emphasis on the wellbeing of our students. We recognise that good health and wellbeing not only contribute to academic success but also lead to a happier and more fulfilling student experience.

On this page, you will find a range of resources and links to help you access the support that suits your specific needs. Whether you are dealing with health-related issues, mental health concerns, or any other challenges, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Our dedicated staff members are always available to lend a helping hand, and these links offer valuable information and resources to help and support you.

You can turn to the following should you need help:

  • Pastoral Leaders (Mr Hourican, Mr Nagle and Ms Moggan)
  • Y12 and Y13 Form Tutors
  • Learning Mentor and Supervised Study Coordinator (Ms Obiorah)
  • School Counsellor (Mr Millar)
  • Other subject teachers
  • Other support member of staff

We understand the importance of providing safe and tranquil spaces for our students, where they can seek solitude or the support they may need. If you ever find yourself in need of such a space, please don't hesitate to reach out to a member of the Sixth Form Team or any staff member for immediate assistance with urgent issues. Fortunately, our school site offers several designated areas for you to retreat to when you require some time and personal space:

  • Peace Garden: Located on the pathway that connects the Sixth Form block with the lower school playground (where Year 7 and 8 are located) the Peace Garden is a space open to everyone and a peaceful environment for quiet reflection and prayer.
  • Oratory: A space in the White House where students can visit to engage in personal prayer and quiet reflection.

Some individuals may find it difficult opening up face to face about issues that are bothering them. That is why we have decided to create a page where students and/or parents/carers can make a referral to us about any concerns you may have.

This is an opportunity to share any issues you may have regarding your emotional, social or physical well-being. Your communication will be held in the strictest confidence and we will find appropriate support for you. If it is an urgent problem, please speak to a member of staff immediately or follow the links available for out of hours services.

Your referral will be picked up by a member of the Designated Safeguarding Team or Sixth Form Team. Feel free to state the specific staff member that you would like to speak with. Depending on the severity of the concern, it could range from a phone call to student/parent (often both) or could be dealt with by our internal Safeguarding team. After we have understood your needs we can begin to find effective support that can be put in place to support you.

If you are putting yourself or others at risk, you will be encouraged to contact external agencies such as your local GP or contact the emergency services.

Safeguarding our students and our community is the forefront of our teaching commitments here at FCHS. Each case/concern is always different but they are always handled with the same degree of attention, respect and care.

Sixth Form Referral Form

Sixth Form Support
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Below you will find a list of useful websites and phone numbers, should you need them: