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As a community, our dedicated mission is to deepen and enrich students' knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith.

Through both teaching and example, we aim to empower students to authentically follow the path of Jesus Christ. Since our establishment in 1926, our school has evolved beyond being merely an educational institution; it has grown into a welcoming community within the broader family of God. Here, every child receives support along their unique faith journey, regardless of their current point on that path.

We actively encourage students to immerse themselves in spiritual engagement through prayer and practice. Each day has a moment of prayer and reflection during morning registration. Furthermore, students are guided by their peers and pastoral teams in weekly assemblies, focusing on the Gospel themes of the liturgical calendar and the principles of Catholic social teachings. This collective effort creates an environment where faith is not only taught but also lived, fostering a sense of community and spiritual growth.

Through words, actions and relationships, our whole school community is nurtured in its response to God’s call and challenged to celebrate it joyfully in life and liturgy.


Our students enjoy numerous occasions to partake in Mass within the school community, facilitated by our robust connections with local parishes and the steadfast support of dedicated priests. These Masses commemorate important events, including the welcome of new Year 7 students, Founders Day, St. Alban's Day Masses, Celebration Mass for Year 11, and the Leavers’ Mass for Year 13. Additionally, students actively engage in the annual Good Samaritan Mass at Westminster Cathedral, fostering a sense of unity in faith as they join with peers from other schools in this meaningful tradition.


Retreats form an integral component of our Catholic ethos, offering students a valuable opportunity to temporarily step back from the demands of daily life. During these retreats, students engage in reflective activities cantered around their faith journey, exploring themes that resonate with their individual challenges and experiences.

Below are our retreat themes for each year group


Based on the scripture “One body, many parts” (1 Corinthians 12-30)

Students have the chance to work together and discover new friendships as they start their journey through FCHS.


Based on message to be examples of faith (1 Timothy 4:12)

Students explore how they can be ambassadors of faith in both the school and wider community and develop their own unique relationship with God.


Based on the story of the calling of the disciples (Mark 1: 16-20)

In the year of their GCSE options selection, students look at the choices they are called to make at home, in school and in their faith.

Being Men of God

Based on the book Man Enough by Dom Quaglia

Students reflect on how they can be true men of God through the inspiration of St. Joseph.

Students in the Sixth Form are included in the liturgical life of the school, through daily prayer and reflection in form time, assemblies and liturgies at key times in the church year. All Sixth Form students attend one core RE lesson each week.

Justice and Peace Group

The Justice & Peace Group convenes to delve into topics related to justice and peace, extending their focus beyond the local community to encompass global concerns. Students actively participate in organising campaigns within the school, aiming to both raise funds and heighten awareness for issues they deem significant. These campaigns champion causes such as Bakhita House, dedicated to aiding women affected by human trafficking, as well as Caritas Westminster and CAFOD.

Beyond their campaign initiatives, the group serves as daily ambassadors for Justice & Peace within the school, consistently modelling their actions in alignment with their principles. Throughout the year, they embark on various trips, culminating in the celebration of their efforts at the Pentecost Liturgy held at Westminster Cathedral. This ongoing commitment reflects their dedication to effecting positive change both locally and globally.

Prayer and Rosary Groups

Our established prayer groups convene before school, offering participants an extended experience of prayer through various forms. Engaging in practices such as Lectio Divina and the Litany of the Saints, members also reflect on the inspiring stories of saints.

The Rosary Group, comprised of students, gathers weekly to collectively pray the full rosary, exploring different mysteries. For each mystery, distinct reflections are employed, with a specific emphasis on drawing inspiration from Mary to guide our mission as dedicated disciples.