“We must restore hope to young people, help the old, be open to the future, spread love. Be poor among the poor. We need to include the excluded and preach peace.” 

- Pope Francis

All of our students actively engage in fundraising efforts that span local, national, and international causes. Each year, our year groups select a specific charity to support throughout the academic year. They demonstrate their unwavering dedication by organising a wide array of activities, including sponsored events, spirited sporting competitions, car washes, tuck shops, and delightful cake sales. We designate special weeks, in addition to the Lenten season, as moments of focused fundraising, enriched with guest speakers in assemblies and dedicated tutorial sessions dedicated to learning about the chosen charity.

This year, our pastoral groups are raising awareness for the following causes:

  • Year 7: North London Hospice
  • Year 8: SCOPE
  • Year 9: Homeless Action Barnet 
  • Year 10: Lives not Knives
  • Year 11: Survivors UK
  • Year 12: Great Ormond Street 
  • Year 13: Great Ormond Street 

Furthermore, our school community consistently rallies behind the vital work of CAFOD. As a Catholic school, we believe in the importance of compassion and solidarity with those in need. It is our moral responsibility to lend a helping hand to those affected by these events. Our faith calls upon us to provide support and aid to those affected by natural disasters and crises. Our most recent whole-school fundraiser was in support of the devastating events in Libya and Morocco in September 2023.

Throughout the school year, our devoted Justice and Peace group is at the forefront of our charitable endeavours, tirelessly working to raise both funds and awareness for a diverse range of noble causes. Within our school, the Justice and Peace group operates a weekly Fairtrade shop, promoting ethical consumption and fostering global solidarity. They also hold regular meetings, serving as a hub for passionate discussions and strategic planning, ensuring that their charitable efforts remain effective and purposeful.

In 2015, the group received a prestigious honour when CAFOD selected our school as a link school. This distinction placed us in a pivotal role in spearheading a vital campaign focused on addressing the pressing issue of climate change.

In an inspiring display of solidarity, our Justice and Peace group partnered with Sixth Form core RE classes to participate in Amnesty's "write for rights" campaign, sending messages of hope and support to unlawfully held prisoners worldwide. This heartfelt initiative exemplifies our students' dedication to promoting human rights and social justice on a global scale.

Beyond the school walls, our students have been involved in remarkable initiatives such as:

Homeless Action in Barnet:

Our school organise regular football inter-form tournaments which bring our entire school community together, not only for spirited competition but also to collect food and essential products to support our local community. Our generous parents and carers have made invaluable contributions to our local Foodbank, exemplifying the spirit of giving that defines our school community.

Orchid Cancer:

In June 2023, Year 9 students played in sporting events to support Orchid Cancer, a dedicated charity committed to research, support, and raising awareness about men's cancer. Their efforts have undoubtedly made a difference in the fight against this disease.

Noah's Ark Children’s Hospice Visit:

Our current Sixth Formers have raised an impressive £48,000 since 2020 in memory of Francis Dayrit. This remarkable accomplishment reflects their dedication to supporting Noah's Ark Hospice, an organisation that provides crucial care and assistance to children with life-limiting conditions.

MacMillan Coffee Mornings:

Our annual MacMillan coffee mornings bring our school community together to raise funds for this vital charity. These events not only contribute to a worthy cause but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects our school's ethos of compassion and community.

In addition to these organised efforts, many of our students extend their generosity beyond school hours and personally raise funds for the charities we support. A previous Sixth Form student embarked on a courageous skydive to support North London Hospice, while another group secured a prestigious £3000 grant for the Butterfly AVM charity in Enfield, emerging as winners of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative.

We are extremely proud of our school's fundraising efforts each year and this philanthropic spirit is woven into the very fabric of our school community, exemplifying the profound significance of our motto: 'Where Everybody Matters.'"