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End of Year Plans 2021

We are very much looking forward to our end of year plans, but need to know rough numbers for activities so we can plan accordingly. Please sign up using the form below.

Where you wish to attend a workshop please try and choose it in a Supervised Study slot rather than during a subject specific lesson.

Please be aware of any assessments you may have and ensure your workshop choices do not clash with them (as you may be taking a place away from someone else)

We would like all students to attend the mass on Thursday 20th May at the start of period 5 on the patio (weather dependent).

Just a reminder that to fund the last day we are asking for a £5 contribution per student. Our ONLY method of payment is via Wisepay, through the school website. Log onto

Thanks again for all your hard work and commitment. We really hope you engage in these end of year arrangements as much as possible to make it a memorable final week or two.