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Visit from Imperial College Research Associate

On  Tuesday 1st December 2015, the Chemistry Deptartment at FCHS was host to Dr Alexander Norori-McCormac, Research Associate in Minerals Processing in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London.

Dr. McCormac delivered an outstanding lecture to Year 11 Chemistry students, over 50 of them, on the vast range of Science and Engineering courses available at third-level; in particular those available to undergraduate students pursuing studies at Imperial College.

Additionally, Dr. McCormac discussed his own research at Imperial College which focuses on Earth Science, metallurgy and Engineering. This is a vastly multi-disciplinary research field, as the talk elucidated, spanning Mathematics and Statistics to Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Geography.

The lecture also highlighted the importance of Chemistry and Physics on the Mars Curiosity Rover and how these physical sciences are been used to better understand the chemical composition of extraterrestrial worlds.

The lecture was well received by Year 11 Chemistry students who asked a myriad of questions upon its conclusion; many of the questions asked were related to A-level and university Science study options. This only serves to highlight the great focus and drive of our current cohort of final year GCSE Chemistry students with respect to their future study and career paths.

Dr. McCormac and some of our Year 11 Chemistry students can be seen in the below pictures.