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Year 8 Careers Workshop

On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th January, we welcomed James Merry from CragRats who delivered a terrific Discovery Careers Workshop to our Year 8 students.

There was a myriad of activities in which our Year 8 students were engaged throughout the two jam-packed activity days: from goal-setting exercises and poster creation to team-building activities including marshmallow and spaghetti towers!

The Careers Workshop was delivered to Year 8 students in an effort to better inform their decision over GCSE subject choices next year and was just one aspect of the activity days organised for all FCHS students on 18-19th January 2016. There was a great response from our students to all of the activities over the two bustling days. Indeed, they have a much better idea now about the different career options available to them and what careers might suit their particular strengths and talents.

You can see some of our students’ marshmallow and spaghetti team-building creations below; they managed to build some rather intricate (albeit abstract!) structures out of these food stuffs. We did have a job ensuring some students didn’t eat all of the marshmallows prior to construction!

We would like to thank Natalie Woodhouse and James Merry from CragRats and, from the FCHS staff, Mrs. Marson, Ms. Stefanicki, Mr. Janata, Ms. Jayaram and Dr. Meally for all of their efforts in making the workshops such a success.