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Btec Trip to Coca Cola Factory

Year 12 student, Jeffrey Fisher, reports.

On Friday 29th January 2016 we went to visit the Coca Cola factory where we learnt about marketing in the soft drinks industry with an emphasis on Coca Cola. We started by watching a short film learning about the history of the beverage, how it was made and the marketing of the product.

It was interesting to see that the creator of Coca Cola hired a business partner to help market the product, as he was great at making the products but selling was not strength of his. The man in charge of marketing had good knowledge, experience and skill in working with people.

Our tour guide used a PowerPoint while talking about the marketing of Coca Cola, in which they showed how marketing was a massive advantage for their company. An example of this was making Santa Claus wear the colour red, so linking Christmas to Coca Cola. This led to massive sales every year and still does.

Finally we went to see the factory and it was very obvious to see that as a result of technology there are very few people actually working there because of the convenience, speed and efficiency of machines. This could be seen as ethical issue as the machines are arguably taking people's livelihood.

The trip was enjoyable and informative and has helped us to contextualise our Btec Business course.