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Certificate in Financial Studies

Certificate in Financial Studies (CeFS) is a comprehensive introduction to personal finance. It develops the knowledge and skills required for young people to make informed financial decisions by introducing them to the risks and challenges involved in personal finance and to the tools for effective planning. Through developing the core skills of analysis, evaluation and written communication, CeFS provides a foundation for further study in business and finance related disciplines, with many students going on to study subjects such as accountancy, business, economics, finance and banking at Higher Education Institutions or through further vocational training.

The course will appeal to students with an interest in current and financial affairs, where they can analyse and evaluate the impact of external factors on personal finance and engage in the changing role of financial providers. The course enables students to develop numeracy skills, the ability to manipulate financial data, select appropriate data and information from case studies to make informed arguments, communicate ideas logically and coherently and increase their ability to work and learn independently. Skills and knowledge developed in CeFS can be extended by taking the Diploma in Financial Studies (DipFS) in Y13. CeFS carries up to 70 UCAS points and DipFS carries up to 140 UCAS points. These qualifications are backed by the Institute of Financial Studies.