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Time Allocation
Students study History for two 1 hour periods per week in Year 7 and one 1 hour period per week in Year 8. 

History lessons take place in form groups. 

Course Content
During KS3 there is a mixture of chronological and thematic study. Year 7 follows a chronological path while also exploring a variety of significant topics under the themes of ‘government’ and ‘power’. Year 8 study slavery, Race relations in the USA, World War One, World War Two and the Holocaust. Year 8’s will focus on the concepts of ‘rights’, ‘warfare’ and ‘persecution’. 


Year 7 

Year 8 


  • Baseline Test 

  • Introduction to History - key terms 

  • The Norman Conquest  

Changing ideas about Government 1200-1700  

  • Magna Carta 

  • Provisions of Oxford 

  • Black Death/ Peasants Revolt 

  • Slavery 

  • Race relations in the USA 1920-2008 


  • Tudors- Henry VIII’s Break from Rome 

  • Stuarts and Civil War 

  • Restoration of Monarchy 

Ideas, political power, industry and empire: Britain, 1745-1901 

  • Industrial Revolution 

  • WW1 


  • British Empire  

  • Local History Study- Migration to London 

  • WW2 

  • Holocaust 


Formal Assessment
A formal assessment will take place for each topic studied - one usually set every half term. This will typically test the ability to write extended essay style answers or shorter source analysis responses. A level will be awarded for each assessment. 

Homework will be set once a week across KS3 according to the published timetable.