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The A-level Physics course we teach gives students a seamless transition from GCSE to university courses in Physics and Physics-related disciplines. It maintains students' enthusiasm for Physics and develops their interest in the subject. How Science Works offers practical and investigative experience throughout the two years of study. The AS course has two written papers and 6 required practicals. The A-level course has 3 written papers and 12 required practicals.

The course allows pupils to gain:

  • an understanding of natural science at its most fundamental and the part it plays in the functioning of our world and beyond
  • an appreciation of how Science works in practice
  • the relevance of Science beyond the laboratory
  • analytical, evaluative and synoptic skills
  • practical skills, including the ability to plan and manipulate information and data.

For more information on the course we study, please visit the AQA website and look for Physics (7407, 7408) GCE.